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10 Easy House Plants You Can’t Kill

Many of us are just too busy to keep up with the hassle of maintaining house plants. Luckily there are so many easy house plants out there to brighten up your space without the worry of them keeling over dead. Here are ten easy house plants to add to your list for the next time you’re on the hunt for one!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the perfect easy house plant for anyone. It’s a succulent, making it an even easier plant to care for. It needs bright, indirect sunlight or even artificial light.

Its wide temperature range (between 55 and 80 degrees) allow it to survive colder temperatures at night and warmer during the day.

It’s an attractive plant decoratively and has many other uses as well. The juice of a leaf when snapped off can help aid in the healing of burns, like heat burns and sunburns. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

10 Easy House Plant You Can't Kill

2. Pothos

This extremely easy house plant makes such a cute addition in a household, and one that requires little work. These plants tend to like cooler climates, making it perfect for apartments, dorm and houses.

They can thrive in places with low-light and even humidity (great for bathrooms!)

This plant is perfect for those who are too busy and can’t be bothered by worrying if their plant didn’t get enough water or sunlight, like college students or full-time workers.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

3. Snake Plant

These plants are so tough to kill and they are rapid growers! Snake plants can handle full sun or low light but bright indirect light is what they love.

This plant is susceptible to root-rot, so well-drained soil is ideal, but that also means it does not need to be watered often especially in the winter months.

Adding this plant will spice up your living spaces without the hassle of a tedious upkeep.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

4. ZZ Plant

Another easy house plant to add to your collection! This plant is not only adorable to add depth to your space but it can survive what normally kills plants: no light, drought, and low humidity.

This plant loves natural bright light but can tolerate low light. These plants tend to hold onto water so if you forget for weeks to water it, it’ll be just fine. The less the better! Water every 2-3 weeks and make sure the soil dries completely before the next watering.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

5. Philodendron

These plants only really need three basic needs: water, sunlight and the occasional fertilizer, making it so easy to remember how to care for it.

Place this plant by a window that provides bright but indirect sunlight, let the top inch of the soil dry before it’s next watering and feed them fertilizer each month in the growing season (spring and summer) and 6-8 months in the off season (fall and winter).

If you want an easy house plant for your space, this is the plant!

10 Easy House Plant You Can't Kill

6. Rubber Plant

These beautiful house plants have made a recent statement online, from their easy growth to livening up a place.

Rubber plants love moist soil during the growing season but in fall and winter months you can do without watering it for a while, which is ideal for the forgetful mind!

Its leaves do collect a bit of dust and dirt but a quick wipe with a damp cloth will help them take in more sunlight and flourish. This plant loves bright filtered light, so placed by a window with light filtered through curtains is best!

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

7. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are an easy house plant for those who live in spaces that don’t get much light. These are perfect for dorm rooms that may not have windows or do not get much sunlight.

These plants need low light but if you want them to bloom, make sure the space isn’t completely dark.

They only need water two to three times a week which is perfect for the busy mother or full-time student! This is such a simple plant but adds so much beauty.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

8. Air Plants

These plants are slow-growing but grow entirely without dirt! All they need is a good soak in water (about 2-3 hours) then let them dry out completely for about two weeks, then dunk them again.

They prefer bright indirect sunlight but can be put anywhere, which means the decoration pieces you choose for them are endless.

The places you can put these plants are endless as well. They can be put literally anywhere in light to dry, like a porch, on a windowsill, table, on a wall hanging, or even a shelf.

10 Easy House Plant You Can't Kill

9. Chinese Evergreen

This easy house plant loves medium to low light and can handle mild humidity. These plants are not just beautiful but forgiving if you have a heavy hand and over-water.

These plants can withstand an over-watering but make sure you let it dry out completely and check the soil for the next watering. Chinese evergreens also like warmer temperatures, so if you’re one who likes a warmer space this plant will love you!

There are also many different varieties of this plant, leaving you with many options of leaf colors, whether they are pink, white, variegated, or not.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

10. Burro’s Tail

This unique plant makes a statement in the home but it’s also simple to take care of. Extra water can kill the succulent so if you’re forgetful when it comes to watering, you’re in luck!

Burro’s Tail otherwise known as Donkey’s Tail loves to hang from its pot and would make a simple shelf or table blossom with character. However, its leaves are fragile so be sure to avoid bumping into it or the leaves will fall right off.

These plants will flourish in very bright light but can survive medium to low light. These also do very well in the basic household humidity.

10 Easy House Plants You Can't Kill

Whether you are super forgetful or tend to over-water plants, any of these easy house plants would be perfect for you. Tell us your favorite house plants in the comments!

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