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10 good resolutions to take in the bathroom

This year, I want to take the time to pamper myself, feel good at home and give me a moment to recharge my batteries every day. But I also want to take care of my health and that of the planet … Direction the bathroom with these 10 good resolutions to take without delay!


1. I offer beautiful clothes

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the most intimate. So this year, we take the time to make it a place of sweetness that makes you want to bask in the morning and evening. And if a complete renovation is not the order of the day, it is often enough to change the towels to radically transform the atmosphere … They choose soft as in the hotel and matched the decor of the room, and do not hesitate to hang them on a scale to showcase them!
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2. I optimize the space

Whether the bathroom is too small or too big, the important thing is to always have everything at your fingertips! So we adapt to the space and we imagine clever storage to store everything and find easily.



3. I grow green plants in my bathroom

For those lucky enough to have a bathroom lit by the light of day, just a few green plants to transform this room into a real oasis of greenery. On the edge of the bathtub or suspended on the shower curtain, this year, we plant his bathroom!



4. I track the endocrine disruptors

To preserve its health and that of the whole family, we start the year by removing the maximum of endocrine disruptors from its environment. And it starts in the bathroom, where the PVC shower curtain is replaced by a less toxic curtain made of nylon, polyester, EVA or PEVA.



5. I’m doing my cosmetics home

To continue reducing endocrine disruptors while limiting packaging and taking care of his skin, this year, we start in the home cosmetics! Good news, most of the ingredients are already in the kitchen (vegetable oils, honey, lemon, sugar, eggs, avocado, banana, cucumbers …), we add clays, a few drops of essential oils and in two strokes. pot spoons, we get 100% natural treatments!



8. I go to ecological cleaning products

To preserve groundwater and reduce volatile organic compounds in the bathroom, we now go to natural products to clean thoroughly as effectively as with chemicals. Black soap for the floors, white vinegar as anti-scale, baking soda for scouring the bathtub … We all go there?



9. I declare war on mold

Because a bathroom where you feel good is a bathroom of irreproachable cleanliness, we declare war on molds by rubbing the joints regularly with a mixture of bicarbonate and white vinegar. And hop, goodbye blackened joints!
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