How to decorate a child’s room so that it always pleases, in spite of the years that parade? The challenge of many parents! To save money, opt for scalable furniture, which will accompany your child during its growth. And to avoid tiredness, we put on cheap deco tips, to make their child’s room more fun and fun.


Children’s room: a decoration that changes according to their desires!

When decorating a child’s room, keep in mind that their personality is still forging and their tastes will change often ! Think about it before repainting the walls. Our solution to satisfy everyone: choose neutral colors and decorate the room with various accessories of its favorite color.

For a decoration that can change every day for 0 USD, here are some economic solutions for a child’s room:
Use slate paint.You will transform a piece of wall or furniture into a giant blackboard. Ideal to express your creativity and play, this table will also be perfect a few years later, to revise its courses.

Another solution for budding artists: frame several cork panels in colorful frames. And here is a giant memo on which your child can add what he wants, without sifting the bedbugs wall! Colors do not like anymore? A stroke of paint on the frames and the turn is played.

For those in a hurry, a much more minimalist idea: suspend a few clothes pegs on a wire. What to hang his favorite posters, dry his works of art or even memorize his multiplication tables.



The walls and floors of the room are transformed into children’s games

Without doing any great work, and even within minutes, the walls and floor of the room are transformed into a playground.The secret ? Use their child’s imagination!

The floor becomes a board game with some bands of painter’s tape or masking tape. Draw a hopscotch, invent your own game of goose, draw a circuit of cars … And you are ready to play! You can also use this method on the walls, for example by drawing the front of a merchant.

Your child’s room has a small hatch or an unused tiny door? Turn it into a secret passage! This trick also works very well to create separate spaces for a shared room. By arranging the furniture or via a shelving system, create two openings. To each his secret space!

For the most active children, or to create an original access to a bed in height, dare climbing holds! To fix directly to the wall, they will add a sporty and creative touch to the room.



A scalable children’s desk, at the height of its projects

Setting up a desk corner for homework is essential! Involve your child in your choices so that he appreciates this space. Also make sure there are not too many distractions around the desk. It will be easier for your child to be studious if the setting lends itself to it.

Organize the space around the desk so that everything stays within reach. For storage that is 100% adaptable over time, consider perforated panels. Cheap and fun, this is the ideal solution for a child’s room. And no excuses in case of office not tidy!

For a cheap, scalable desktop, build it yourself! The opportunity to design and create it together. And over the years, it is evolving by raising the height of the worktop and adding more storage.

Out of inspiration? Attach a shelf to the wall. For example, you can use racks to easily change the height of the table by moving the brackets.And here is a minimalist office!

One can also find various offices evolutive in the trade. There are even design offices and clever, to assemble without nails or screws. Everything gets stuck, like a construction game!
08759422-photo-room-child-office-evolutive-not-expensive. jpg



The child’s room: a space to play and imagine

When you do not have a playroom, the room can quickly turn into clutter. The solution to never stepping on a small lego: a large game board to slip quietly under the bed. A tidy room and buildings not demolished: the perfect compromise!

For active kids and gym fans, choose many square foam cushions. Stacked, they form a small reading chair, spread side by side they are perfect to make a few rolls safely.And we can even stack them to create castles of cushions!

A story to tell or imagine? We immerse ourselves in a universe by making the structure of a small wooden house. A place that will be the scene of extraordinary adventures for your child. And to dive into different decorations, sew several covers. A small house, a Nasa office, a restaurant … It’s up to you to imagine and draw!




Tips for decorating the bed corner in a child’s bedroom

To make your dreams come true, we customize the decor to the sheets! An adornment of bed deceives the eye and while slipping in bed, the child will become the hero of his dreams. Convenient to motivate children who do not want to go to bed!
And for children who are afraid of the dark, we add a night light.Cut out a shade to create a shadows game. Make the silhouette appear his favorite superhero who will come to save him from the monsters of the room!

Integrate the bed with storage to create a unique space! What to optimize storage: bed, closet and even night stand … a 3 in 1 idea. A trick to create two slightly separate spaces. Everyone has their own privacy and can decorate to their liking!