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20 Fascinating DIY Christmas Balcony Decoration Ideas

To welcome Christmas, you must decorate every corner of your home. Not only the living room and dining room, but we also have to decorate the balcony. You can bring Christmas into your balcony as festive as the other spots. In this case, the balcony is one part of the house located on the second floor. But sometimes we often forget their existence. In fact, this place has the potential to be a comfortable place to relax.

With Pine Leaves

The pine tree is an iconic item for Christmas. In addition, to have the advantage of making the home atmosphere fresh, you can use pine leaves. Here, your decoration will be really natural. Furthermore, you can use these leaves to put on your balcony. However, making the pine leaf into a beautiful Christmas decoration is not too difficult. You can simply combine these leaves and then put on the balcony fence. You can also add red ribbons to make it look attractive.

You can use the pine Leaves to decorate your balcony this season. Apply these pine leaves to the iron fence to make it looks memorable.
Decoration pine leaves collaborated with bells to decorate a fence on your balcony.
Christmas decoration inspiration for the balcony, you can use pine leaves and added a large ball Christmas.
Balcony decorations to welcome this Christmas season can be adorned using pine leaves. Adorn the fence and shaped wreath based on your taste.
Pine leaves that adorn your balcony railings to welcome the Christmas season this year. You can add LED lights to make it look beautiful.

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Christmas balcony decoration by using a touch of pine leaves to beautify the appearance of your balcony.

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The balcony is fully decorated with colorful Christmas ornaments. Then, add the pine leaves to make it more memorable for your balcony this year.
Elongated pine leaf decoration to decorate your balcony railing. Then, add pine cones to complement the decor on your balcony.
Balcony decoration as the focal point are the arrangement with pine leaves on the fence of your curtain. Moreover, to make it looks beautiful add red ribbons as the additional ornament.

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Use the pine leaves to decorate your balcony railings and add wreath for your additional ornamentation.

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With Lighting

If you want to transform your balcony as an area to relax, you should install faint lighting. Because this will reduce the romantic atmosphere in the area. If you choose a chandelier then you must put it in the middle of the balcony. But, if you choose string lights, spotlights or lanterns then you can just put it in certain areas. Let’s say for the balconies, plants, and corners of the room.

decorative lighting that decorates your balcony by adding LED lights to your balcony railing and candle holders that utilize unused lanterns
candle holders that resemble chandeliers to illuminate your balcony to look beautiful and add LED lights to get good lighting
balcony decoration in order to get good lighting you can adjust the placement of the candle holder for you to apply
decorating your balcony to make it look different you have to pay attention to the lighting, you can use ball lighting attached to the wall and candle holders to create good lighting
decorative lighting to decorate a jar placed on a wooden pallet box and candle holder as a complement for you to apply
decorative lighting that decorating the balcony you can use LED lights that are rotated on the balcony railing and leader rack to get good lighting

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decorative lighting uses LED lights that surround your balcony railings, doors and windows to get good lighting and look beautiful

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lighting ideas for a balcony using LEDs that form a circle so that it’s like a Christmas tree for you to try

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decorative lighting that uses LEDs to decorate your balcony railings and make your blades more memorable to celebrate this season

Balcony designs that have a Christmas theme can present a cheerful atmosphere. You should choose a Christmas decoration that is colorful according to the Christmas theme. The colors that are suitable for the balcony are green, red and gold. In order to make the atmosphere more cheerful and romantic, you can install orange or gold-colored lights.

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