Fall is here and in order to fully embrace the season, you’re going to want to make your indoor space reflect some of what you see outdoors. Sometimes the idea of decorating can be a little stressful in itself. This often comes with DIY crafts that seem simple at first glance but are a little more complex than what meets the eye. And being frustrated by these crafts is the last thing you need with your busy schedule.

No need to worry! There are much easier ways to ring in the season. Here are 5 ideas to add a little autumn into your dorm room this fall!

1. Leaf Filled Wreath

A wreath is a simple way to show your neighbors you are ready for this autumn season. It’s easy to set up. All you have to is simply apply a command hook and hang. Depending on how festive you want to get, you can put one on either side of the door as well so outside spectators can enjoy, as well as you and your roommate. The best part about fall wreaths is that they come in many variations. you could go for all one shade of autumn leaves or mix it up with a variation of colors.

5 Ideas To Add A Little Autumn Into Your Dorm Room

2. Scents of Pumpkin Spice

While most dorm rooms typically don’t allow candles to be lit on the premise, there are plenty of alternatives to give you similar vibes. For instance, Glade has plug-ins available, or you could go old school with some potpourri. Not only does it work to add in a little bit on fall into the room but it’s also a creative way to keep your room smelling fresh. Just make sure whatever version you do decide on isn’t too overpowering for you or your roommate.

5 Ideas To Add A Little Autumn Into Your Dorm Room

3. Hang strings of Leaves

Another cute decoration to bring a little bit on the outdoor foliage indoors is to hang string arrays of leaves on your falls. Of course, these leaves are artificial but they give off a warm and cozy feel to any dorm room. They are perfectly festive to last you at least through November. You can either choose to stick with one solid color to make things a little more realistic or choose for some that give off a mixture of different autumn hues. You can even add ones with lights if you’re looking to add a little more lighting to your room!

5 Ideas To Add A Little Autumn Into Your Dorm Room

4. Scarecrow Scaries

Nothing says autumn like a scarecrow, so why not have one in your dorm room! Now since dorm rooms are typically quite small, you’re probably going to want to go with a cute little desk scarecrow. This is a friendly indicator to all that you are ready for this autumn season and all the fun times to come. Some good places to shop in person are your local HomeGoods or Walmart, and if you’re feeling like doing a little online shopping I’m sure you can find a variety on Amazon.

5 Ideas To Add A Little Autumn Into Your Dorm Room

5. Hang Some Pumpkin Lights

This will definitely be something you want to add a little closer to Halloween but if you can get straight pumpkin lights and no ones featuring Jack-O’Lanterns than you can hang these lights September through November and still be quite on-trend. Not only is it festive for fall, but a totally cute way to illuminate your room in the process. Your guests will certainly feel autumn vibes as soon as you turn them on, and you will feel nice and cozy sleeping underneath them when it’s time for bed.

5 Ideas To Add A Little Autumn Into Your Dorm Room

Can you think of any other cute autumn decor ideas for dorm rooms? Let us know in the comments section!