This year, it’s decided, I save time, I eat better, I protect the planet and I save money! To keep this ambitious but necessary program going, the direction of the kitchen, where these 10 good easy-to-hold resolutions will change your life once and for all!


1. I organize myself to save time in the kitchen

If the days are not alike, the question of the evening remains the same: but what do we eat ? Solo, pass again, but if you have to prepare dinner for the whole family, the organization of meals can quickly become a real headache.

This year, we organize by filling the cupboards in an intelligent way, we make sure to list what could be missing, we cook in advance at the weekend, we think to freeze up and above all we vary the recipes for quickly cook tasty seasonal products!
Our 5 tips to facilitate the organization of dinners of the week




2. I optimize the storage of the fridge and freezer

To save time, fight against food waste, preserve nutrients from food and avoid unpleasant surprises, a good resolution is needed: this year, we store the fridge!

The first thing to do is to empty everything and clean it with white vinegar, then sort it by product by removing the packaging and placing all the food in airtight boxes or freezer bags.

By taking care of storing each family of food on the right floor, the result will really change your life, so we go for it!



3. I’m optimizing the storage space in the cupboards

Come on, let’s continue with the storage, but this time we’re going after the cupboards in the kitchen.

The prospect of spending a few hours emptying drawers, sorting spices and rearranging every kitchen space is perhaps not the most exciting of the beginning of the year, but who said that good resolutions were necessarily easy to hold? Courage, with these 20 tips to put order in his kitchen cupboards, this chore will be quickly settled!



4. I go to ecological cleaning products

Always to protect the environment while limiting unnecessary expenses, this year it’s decided, we go to natural cleaning products. Goodbye chemicals, bleach and other harmful substances for groundwater, hello black soap, white vinegar, lemon and baking soda!

The 10 commandments of the ecological household!




5. I am organizing myself to eat more fruits and vegetables

Because we all want an iron health and a morale of steel, this year, we take again the good resolution to eat more fruits and vegetables.We display the calendar of fruits and vegetables of the season on the fridge, we invest in a beautiful service or a beautiful basket of fruits, one makes the market and one makes the stock of fibers and vitamins with each meal!

08757520-photo-tips-store-fruit-vegetables-place-kitchen. jpg


6. I take care of my dishwasher

To save money, this year, we take care of his dishwasher! We clean it, we decalcify it, we add regenerating salt … in short, we pamper it, so as not to have to deal with the repairer or the seller for a long time …




7. I optimize the sorting of waste

Finally, if it is not already done, it takes a few minutes to organize the best sorting waste according to the available space.A bin for household waste, a bin for glass, another for paper and cardboard, and this year, promised, we stick to it …