We imagine snowflakes slowing down in the garden, songs in the background, a sweet smell of gingerbread … Christmas is fast approaching and all you need is the fir tree? Here is our selection of artificial firs that will brighten up your holiday season.

To let the Christmas spirit float in your home, this bright artificial tree will be perfect. With 88 LEDs and 8 sets of light, the tips of its branches twinkle for a magical Christmas Eve!

If you are looking for an original alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, stop there! This white wooden fir is the perfect option to add a touch of originality to your holiday decor.

And if you revisit the Christmas tree with this bright tree with cute berries like everything? What a party atmosphere to your home in any room.

Do you dream of a Christmas under a blanket of snow? Opt for this beautiful white pine Pole North, which you can bring a touch of color with garlands and balls to your taste.

We love the poetry of this artificial tree delicately decorated with pine cones and drops of dew. To perfect its decoration, there are only a few gifts left at his feet!

If you dream of a beautiful and big Christmas tree but you want to avoid the worry of thorns to pick up, bet on this green tree with a natural look. All that remains is scented candles like pine cones to give the illusion of a real one!
This snow-covered artificial Christmas tree with pine cones will instantly plunge your living room into a festive atmosphere. Leave it alone or with light touches of color and you’re done!

If for you, Christmas rhymes with green and red fir that shines brightly, this green tree with a natural look will fulfill the mission to perfection. Not to mention that there will be room at his feet for your mountain of gifts!
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