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8 chewable nightlights for your child’s room

The night light becomes necessary at the time of the bedtime, whether your child gets up at night, he is afraid of the dark or difficulties to fall asleep. She watches, reassures, accompanies our toddlers for peaceful and peaceful nights. Here are 8 bright examples to chew for peace of mind.


A design with soft colors, a soft material, a rechargeable base: the LED night light Bollie has many advantages! The child can easily take in hand this little pink guy to move or put it on his bedside table.


An ideal companion this Nanuk: a large white bear, tender design, suitable for warming the decor of the child’s room with softness. This lamp, light and unbreakable, gently accompanies the child in the land of dreams.

Craquante the fruity night light to take everywhere! Small, light and flexible, your child will not want to leave. She will be perfect for keeping baby company with her good mood, her glowing face and her subdued light.

At night, it could be the duck dance with this pretty lamp imagined by the designer Gaëtane Lannoy. A night light full of tenderness to pose near the bed of the child to assure him a peaceful and poetic night.

It is discreet near the bed, placed on its support, and is useful as a flashlight: the night light Beetled has everything to reassure the child who gets up at night. Equipped with a sensitive photo sensor, it adapts to the brightness of the room. The ladybug is good luck, it’s good!

Want to stimulate your child’s imagination gently? Opt for this pastel-shaped, fox-shaped table lamp with a dual ignition mode, including a 5-minute shutdown to make it easier to fall asleep.

A love of fish, with delicacy and poetry! This is the promise of this night light designed by Ramin Razani, expert in origami, who has adapted his art to lighting. The “Pesce” model immerses the child in an ocean of gentle reveries.
The night lights are your child’s best friends for the night: discover other inspiring models!


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