Let’s walk in the woods … Looking for a theme to decorate your child’s room? If he is a fan of Bambi or Little Brown Bear, here is one that should please him! Rabbit lamp, poster fox or bear rug, invite all his favorite animals in his little corner just him.

In a big room or in a child’s room, you always need dim lighting. With its rabbit shape, this pretty lamp night light straight out of a tale will be perfect to reassure your little one at night.

Transform your child’s bedroom into a cozy nest with this soft, reversible blanket. His poetic and design motif with little foxes should make him want to spend time coiled warm!
With this beautiful cushion, the inevitable and adorable faon is ready to take up residence in your child’s room. A playful and original accessory to read quietly the evening stories.

If your child loves foxes, adopt this one without delay! A very colorful poster that will allow you to put a touch of peps on the walls of his room. Its large format will make it the centerpiece of the forest spirit decoration of its little cocoon.
This set of dishes is so pretty that you dare not use it to make baby eat? Never mind, leave him in his room for him to appropriate and play with. Hopefully, this will give him ideas for real meals!
08779832-photo-piggy bank-fawn-child-room-forest.jpg

Ultra cute, this little piggy bank will blend perfectly into the forest atmosphere of your child’s room. A useful little decorative object that will make the difference. And it’s never too early to start saving!
The carpet is part of these decorative objects that immediately give the tone of a decoration. With this big (and friendly) bear’s head in his room, it’s a safe bet that your child imagines a little living in the forest!

Because the decor of a room is also played on the details, we love this teething ring and play with the effigy of a sweet tit. All that’s missing is the whistling of the birds to feel like you’re in the heart of the forest.
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