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8 good resolutions for the nursery

This year, we want happy children who finally play in their room! To help our loulous to take possession of their universe in every nook and cranny, it is decided, we created them a room perfectly adapted to their size and their age. And with these 10 good resolutions, it’s child’s play!


1. Let’s go!

Yesterday, baby slept soundly in his perfectly tidy room … but today he has knocked out all his crate of toys, tomorrow he will invite his friends and his room is permanently like a shambles! To stop walking on a toy in the middle of the night (ouch!) And avoid over-stimulating loulou, it’s time to tidy up!

So it’s decided, we invest in wicker baskets, plastic crates or low furniture and we find a place for each doll! We take the opportunity to sort out and give the toys that no longer interested and we leave some empty space for the room is stored more than two hours … (we believe)




2. Mite hunting

As more and more children are allergic to house dust mites, their room is usually the room in the house that houses the most. And yes, not easy to vacuum with all these toys on the floor!

But thanks to our first good resolution, we can now clean everything thoroughly. Winter or summer, we also think of airing every morning, we change the sheets every week, we avoid unnecessary carpets and we suck mattresses every month.



3. We put his business at his level

Since he knows how to walk, loulou acquires every day more and more autonomy.To accompany his progress, he ensures that he can achieve only the objects he needs on a daily basis.

We put his favorite books on a shelf at his height, we think to put his pajamas and socks in a low drawer, we install a coat hook at his waist, we store the toys at ground level and we do not hesitate to put drawers under the bed if there is not enough space. The goal: that loulou be perfectly autonomous in his room!


4. We are inspired by the Montessori method

Still to develop its autonomy, this year, we take the time to be interested in the method of Maria Montessori and ask what could be tested in the room of loulou . You can, for example, put the mattress on the floor, offer creative activities with salvaged equipment, define a play area …



5.The room is arranged in several spaces

To encourage loulou to play in his room without overstimulating it, we think to create several spaces, even if the room is small and shared with a little brother or a big sister. A sleeping area, a drawing area, a play corner, a reading area and a large rug to lie on the floor …





6. We’re getting ready for the pajama parties!

This year, loulou has grown up and he’ll soon be calling for a slumber party! To be ready to welcome friends and cousins ??for the night, we get an extra mattress to transform the bedroom into a dormitory in a jiffy!




7. Evening lighting is redesigned

At any age, the bedtime ritual will be enhanced by soft, soothing lighting. We turn off the ceiling, light garlands and night lights and keep a small light to read the evening story …



8. We help them sleep well

Hush, it’s soon time to sleep! To feel good in his little nest by tightening his blanket, loulou needs a bed adapted to his size, a firm mattress and a soothing environment. The room is tidy, the night light is on, and well protected in its cocoon, loulou also takes the right resolution to sleep all night … in his bed. Youpi.


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