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8 ideas to enjoy your garden in winter

Garden, terrace, balcony … No way to deprive the winter come! With the right decor choices to develop your outdoor space, you could even enjoy it. We have made up for you a selection of facilities to feel outdoors like in cold weather.

But yes, we can organize a barbecue party in winter! This sturdy and mobile gas model will also work wonders at 0 ° C to cook meats or roast seasonal vegetables. How about a mulled wine and roasted chestnuts to start?

We vary the possibilities of cooking with a plancha, the healthy and simple process for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and winter fruits. In the cold season, it is too often the feast of rich and simmering dishes. Let’s keep it light!

Many restaurants are equipped with heated umbrellas to keep their outdoor spaces accessible. Why not you ? You will appreciate to spend a moment out of time on your terrace, alone or with friends, even in very cold weather.

Unlike the pool, emptied and tarpaulin during the cold season, the spa is used all year round. This inflatable model promises unusual relaxing sessions. Imagine a little: you, in the water, in a jersey, in front of a snowy lawn …

Are you sad at the idea of ??leaving your piece of garden in the winter? Reinvest it with a design brazier and space-saving. All that’s missing are some comfortable chairs, plaids and friends for a drink in a cozy atmosphere.

Winter is inseparable from the fire. Its warmth, its atmosphere, its dancing flames and its crackling. You’ll love this stylish outdoor fireplace to continue the outdoor experience as it snows. Magic!

It looks like magic lantern this wandering suspension. Wireless, equipped with LED and available in decorated version, it clings anywhere. A nice way to dress the garden for the moments of celebration as the most intimate moments.

Like an impression of never leaving the garden with this glass and aluminum greenhouse. A real piece more to enjoy the winter light at all times. Remember to store your exotic plants there if you have them.
Want to continue landscaping your garden for the winter? All ideas here.


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