Take inspiration from the modern chalets nestled on the peaks to create a lounge with a mountain but contemporary decor. Faux fur, black steel, lanterns, armchairs and small objects of deco … All are there to make you take altitude. Happy shopping!

The lovers of the pack ice will not be able to resist this small statue in clear stone. Straight from the North Pole, this penguin will blend perfectly into a snowy and icy setting.

In the mountains, tea is always boiling to be ready to be served to refrigerated visitors. This teapot could soon become your new essential accessory. Make good use of it!

Round and original, this new generation cushion sports snow-capped peaks to make us travel. Well installed on a sofa, it reminds us of the warm atmosphere of modern chalets.

Who says cottage, says chimney, and says pile of logs! Impossible to miss.This black carbon log rack will allow you to stack your wood and make contemporary decor accessories, for a chalet-style living room!

With its generous curves, this ultra comfortable chair invites itself in all the lounges of altitude. Embellished with a faux fur plaid and cushion, it will become the perfect haven for quietly sipping hot tea.

Elevate with this design and joyful poster with its colorful peaks.It is ideal to bring a touch of color in a modern chalet decor, with natural and contemporary tones.

As soft to the touch as it is beautiful to the eyes, this faux fur throw will easily take place at the end of a sofa or on an armchair. Its gray color gives it a modern look, identical to that of contemporary mountain chalets.

Chic and elegant, this lantern will act as an extra light, both in an indoor living room and on an outdoor terrace.Its openwork and modern effect allows it to blend in with the decor while providing a cottage atmosphere, so popular in winter.