Chic and festive, the silver Christmas decoration puts your eyes on your interior. We mix it with white accessories for a more refined style, with natural materials for a more rustic atmosphere or with wooden animals for a Scandinavian look. At your glitter for an enchanted Christmas!

With its frosted and sequined finishes, this decorative ball will be the privileged guest of your Christmas tree. Vary the patterns and tones to give more relief to your decoration. Your tree will thank you!

Indispensable to any tree that respects itself, the Christmas ball is a must for the holiday season. This decorated and silver version blends perfectly with other white balls for a refined decoration of the most beautiful effect.

This silver stalactite will enchant young and old … fir trees! Original, it is associated with more classic balls to vary the shapes and attract the eye. For an even more frosty decor, add a white garland and fake snow.

Easily decorate your tree with this lot of white, purple and silver ornaments. Garlands, balls, stars … Everything is there to frolic your Christmas tree with a sweet and poetic decoration.

The Santa’s deer invites itself to the wall and brings a Scandinavian touch, essential to any winter decor. His graceful woods and silver look will leave no marble guest. Smile, he’s looking at you.
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