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Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

So you’ve just moved into your dorm. You’ve made the bed, packed the shower caddy and tucked away your books. But somehow, this room with all of your stuff in it doesn’t feel like it’s your home. Adjusting to living in a college dorm can be rough, especially if you have a stranger sleeping only 5 feet away from you. That something you feel is lacking in your room is your personality. A great and space saving way to bring in some of your own personal touch is to hang art. Wall art hangs so it won’t take up any extra space in your already tiny room. With a google search and some command strips, your dorm will feel like home. Here are some examples of art pieces you need to make your dorm feel like home.

Your Favorite Posters

What do you love? Is it music, films, fashion? Find a poster of whatever you love and put it on your wall. Posters are relatively cheap art pieces and are easy to set up. Not to mention, they roll up when you’re ready to take them down and store them. We recommend finding a poster of not only something you love but something that reminds you of home. Maybe you had a favorite band in high school. Put up their poster to remind you of the countless hours you spent at home playing air drums to their songs.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

You Are Art

This art piece comes with a little DIY activity. Grab your friends and a camera and take photographs of each other in cool locations. If you feel like you already have that on a social media platform, use those pictures. Gather all the photos to make an art wall. Before you print them, alter them in a way that makes them more like art and less like selfies. You can do this by sticking to a color theme or by photoshopping them into a work of art. Once you print them, you can arrange them on your wall in a pleasing way. To make your wall art pieces look more professional, print the photos in different sizes.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Nice Framing

Sometimes, in order to make something normal, art, all you need is a little embellishment. If you’re missing home, you’re likely missing the people that make it a warm and loving place to be. People who say “home is where the heart is” are definitely onto something. Find a cool frame to hang your family photo in and it will instantly elevate it from basic family photo to art piece. With an art piece like in the photo below, you can be flexible about embellishing it. Wrap faux flowers around it or add string lights to make it a cute mood light.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Marquee Light Box

If you’re fresh out of wall space, we’ve got something that can fit easily onto your desk or nightstand. While at school, it can be hard to stay motivated. There’s classes, midterms, finals, studying and on top of that there’s clubs, friends and socialising. How is one person supposed to get it all done? With a marquee light box you can write whatever you need to hear to keep yourself going. We love art pieces that are customisable because everything changes from day to day! Another tip for this product is if you want something that’s a little more artsy than a motivational quote, try using the letters to copy your favorite poem. Just be sure to condense it or keep it short as the light box is pretty compact.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Neon Lights

Neon signs have taken over the art world right as of late! They’re eye-catching and that’s mostly because of the bright light but some of the attention can be attributed to the fact that they say things you wouldn’t expect to be on a neon sign. The bigger and more intricate neon signs can be pricey art pieces but if you stick to the smaller ones (like some on amazon), they can be a bit more affordable. A neon sign is perfect for customising your room because there are so many out there with so many different designs. Some make shapes like a lightning bolt (if you’re into Harry Potter) and some have cheeky sayings. Whatever you need your space to say, a neon sign can literally say it for you.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Collectors Items

If you’re a collector of cards, books, shoes, etcetera, put them on display! It’s an easy and cheap way to create art in a tight space. All you need is some dorm approved shelving and a keen eye for organising. Put up your Pokemon cards or stack your favorite vintage bags along the rack. A good tip for making everyday items look like art is to only showcase the best items. Although you may want to keep all of your items on the shelf or rack for storage, it won’t look like art that way. Be selective in what you put on show because the way you display them is going to either make it look like extra storage space or beautiful art pieces.

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Mirror Image

Get a funky mirror for your dorm! It’s the perfect way to add an artistic piece to your room with a dual purpose. Some mirrors may be too funky for you to catch a glimpse of your whole body but most mirror have a piece big enough to fit your face. Take a look at the mirror below. It looks like familiar abstract art pieces but it stands out because it’s made of mirrors. Although you won’t be able to check out your entire outfit before class, at least with this mirror you’ll be able to do your makeup routine! If you don’t want to hang a mirror like this on the wall (aka command strips won’t hold this much weight), lean it up against the wall above your writing desk. Another great way to display it is to leave it on the floor and let light bounce off of it and project around the room. Getting more sunlight is proven to help lift moods!

Art Pieces You Need To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

We hope you enjoyed this list of art pieces that you need to have in your dorm to make it feel like home! We threw in a few DIY projects just because we know college students are world famously known for being on a tight budget. Which art piece are you most likely to try out in your dorm? Let us know in the comments!

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