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Words in the garden: place with slates and placards!

What about growing words in the garden? Sweet words, inspiring words, poetic words and funny words … These varieties are not planted, but are inscribed on a slate, engraved on a piece of wood or even invited on the furniture of garden … And when the leaves fall and the …

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Botanical Wonders

I never cease to be awed by nature. The more I learn about plants, in fact, the more I’m awed by these botanical wonders. This summer we planted an edible garden in our backyard for the first time since Ida was born. The key to our success this year was …

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6 tips to keep your green plants alive

No plant resists you and you have finally persuaded yourself that you do not have a green thumb? Do not panic, just know some simple tricks for the plant kingdom to finally flourish under your roof. Green plants, instructions for use.   Tip 1: Choosing the right varieties of green …

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8 outdoor gifts for the whole family!

Yes, at the end of the year, we think more about giving a good plaid than a gift to have a good time in the garden. Yet, what better time than Christmas to make a useful gift that the whole family can enjoy on sunny days? Garden furniture, plancha or …

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8 ideas to enjoy your garden in winter

Garden, terrace, balcony … No way to deprive the winter come! With the right decor choices to develop your outdoor space, you could even enjoy it. We have made up for you a selection of facilities to feel outdoors like in cold weather. But yes, we can organize a barbecue …

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