Fairy and practical, the light garland is an integral part of the holiday season to bring our interior a touch of magic. Outside, too, it is unveiled from every angle to dress terrace and balcony with a bright coat – the proof in pictures!

Ideal to be affixed in height, the garland in version stalactites settles like a luminous suspension to overhang the external spaces. A singular model that will come alive with the wind.

The light curtain is suitable for outdoors and indoors! Perfect for framing windows or house entrances, it offers a magical effect without appeal.

More than just a garland, light tube offers a thousand possibilities to create shapes to suit your desires. Modulate at will, she bends over backwards to fit the desired shape: let your imagination speak!

Femininity and bucolic spirit for this model of outdoor garland made of openwork hearts.Suspended from the gate or slid between the branches, this last illuminates the space gently for a sparkling rendering!

To put where it seems to us, the luminous bear brings a touch of softness in the outdoor spaces to revive the imagination of the big and small children. A bit of tenderness – and light, with this figurine to consume without moderation!

Touch of delicacy requires a perforated version of the iconic mountain deer. Realized in a luminous structure, the animal interferes with discretion and charm between the plants of the garden or on the steps of the entrance.

For lovers of new technologies, we put everything on remote control with this garland that changes colors in one click. Gradient or plain, it is you who decide to match the outdoor lighting to the chosen atmosphere.

Guaranteed durability with the solar outdoor garland. A natural recharge that avoids power outages or battery, for bright nights without flaws!

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