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DIY Wooden Craft: 17 Ideas to Decorate Your Home Purposefully

Do you have left-over woods lying around? Not sure whether to throw, burn, or make use out of them? Here are 5 DIY wooden craft ideas you can use to decorate your home purposefully.

1. Rustic Tray

A deeply creviced piece of wood should not be thrown away. You can DIY wooden craft it into a rustic tray. It will complete your minimalistic kitchen island for a beautiful display. If you prefer a more useful way of the rustic tray, you can maximize it by making it a few inches bigger and let it be a décor as well as the tray for breakfast in bed.

Rustic kitchen decoration with wooden furniture looks very perfect. Add DIY wooden tray on top of kitchen island to enhance your rustic decor so it looks amazing.


You can make DIY wood crafts into trays to serve breakfast on your bed so that it will give the perfect rustic touch for you bedroom.


Combine old pipes and wooden to make DIY crafts into rustic trays. Then use it to serve breakfast on your bed so it looks more attractive.


2. Wooden Bathroom Shelf

With the right measurements, the empty spaces of your bathroom can easily be fixed and crafted to a beautiful bathroom shelf by making a simple DIY wooden craft.

Stack it vertically as high as the ceiling goes as this will lure the eyes up, causing a larger room experience. The wooden bathroom shelf will look perfectly in tune if your bathroom happens to have a rustic or classic vibe.

Using vertical rack will save space in your bathroom. DIY vertical wooden shelves will provide the perfect rustic touch to your bathroom so it looks more attractive.
DIY shelves made of wood material will enhance your bathroom decor so it looks neat and beautiful with a rustic touch.


Bathroom shelves made of wood will give a classic feel to your bathroom so it looks warmer and more pleasant.


3. Magazine Shelf

Ever wonder what to put on that empty wall of yours that is not overpowering the entire décor? Try a DIY wooden craft in the form of magazine shelves.

The key is not to overdo it, stick with simplicity and make sure the natural color of the wood blends flawlessly with the wall and the entire room.

If you have a blank wall area you can fill it with magazine racks so that it will look more beautiful. DIY wooden magazine rack will give a classic touch so it looks more attractive.


Using DIY magazine rack that made of wood looks simple but still attractive for your decoration. Put it on a blank wall so that it will make your decoration look more perfect.


A creative DIY plywood magazine rack made of wood material will give a classic touch that looks interesting. Add house plants to enhance your decor so it looks fresher.


DIY wooden crafts in the form of magazine racks hanging on the wall will give a rustic touch to your decor so it looks warmer.


4. Pallet Table

Aside from looking pleasing to the eye, a DIY wooden craft pallet table is gorgeously useful for daily lives. It brings a homey experience and natural art to your living space, making room for more storage and mobility at the same time.

You can place it at the corner of the living room, as a bedside table, or a décor to the kitchen. A pallet table is endlessly useful.

Doing a DIY project to decorate your living room will be fun and save money. DIY pallet table will make your living room look more attractive with a classic touch.
Rustic living room decoration with Wooden pallet table looks simple but still attractive. Add racks below it so that it will function as storage space.


DIY kitchen table made of wood pallet will give classic art to your kitchen decor so it looks more attractive.


Making DIY crafts in the form of a pallet table will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks simpler. Add a drawer underneath so that it is useful for storing your books.

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5. Wooden Egg Holder

It may sound petty, but believe me, it is picturesque. The shallow egg indentation acts as a flawless container for the eggs. You can choose, however, many eggs to store since this is your DIY wooden craft. Get excited, get creative.

Set aside one to two days of the weekend and get creative with your wooden left-overs. Who knew that DIY wooden craft could be this fun?

Egg holder made of wood look simple but remain creative so they will look more attractive.

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Making wood crafts is one of the fun things to express your creativity. Make a DIY egg holder so it will make your eggs neatly arranged and look more organized.


If you want to see your eggs neatly arranged making an egg holder is the perfect idea. Make DIY crafts in the form of wooden egg holders so they will look more creative and stay neat.

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