Before the birth of their first child, young parents ask themselves a thousand questions to know what to buy to set up the room of their treasure, and many people who buy too much useless things … To see more clearly , we take stock of the 8 REALLY important accessories to accommodate baby!


A place to sleep baby

After sleeping nine months warm in the belly of his mom, loulou will now need a bed where to sleep and take a nap … So, cradle or bed with bars? Ideal for the first three months, the cradle is a particularly cute accessory, but it is so short-lived that it is often better to immediately invest in a crib. Simple or progressive, the ideal is to choose solid wood and covered with water paint to prevent it releases too many pollutants …

But the crib is not an obligation either! The Montessori method prefers a simple mattress on the floor, other moms opt for a bed co-dodo in their room and the first weeks a simple bassinet is very good!




Smart storage for clothes

The first year, baby fully renews his wardrobe at least five times, and often stains several times a day … In other words, his dressing will soon seem more important than yours ! Provide plenty of storage space and convenient, to be sure to quickly find a clean pajamas at two in the morning and a warm jacket as soon as the temperature drops …




A basket or a toy box

If you can not imagine playing it at the dinette and the little train, your little angel should soon be at the head of a large collection of soft toys and games arousal. Thank you for the birth gifts! To store them quickly and easily, consider installing a toy box or wicker baskets in the room, you will not regret it!




A mobile for awakening

From birth, your baby will be fascinated by the movements of a mobile fixed just above his head. And you will be amazed to see him smile and chirp by finding him every morning! In commerce, you will easily find mobiles of all colors and shapes, some of which are even phosphorescent in the dark … If you choose a musical mobile, take the time to choose the music, because you risk the hear VERY often! If not, why not make a DIY mobile yourself?

Above the changing table, the mobile is the perfect accessory to divert the attention of loulou during the care.On the other hand it is better not to hang it on the crib to encourage a peaceful sleep …




A night light for soft lighting

If infants are not afraid of the dark, they need a soft and soothing atmosphere before sinking into Morpheus’s arms. Provide soft lighting with a night light, a child’s lamp or a light garland: you will need it to create a soft atmosphere at bedtime, but also to take care of baby during the night (change, feed, bottle …) .

08584996-photo-night-light-in-shape-of-teddy-room- bebe-lightonline.jpg



Soft toys in the baby room

If your newborn is not yet a deco enthusiast, he will quickly appreciate finding his teddy bears and his favorite comforters in his small universe.Above all, avoid overloading the room with useless objects, but if you fall for a sweet elephant, a funny giraffe or a cute panda, there is a good chance that your loulou is also under their spell!




Less essential but also useful in the nursery …

Finally, if the nursery is big enough, do not hesitate to add a large comfortable chair to cuddle, cradle and feed the first year. From about three months, loulou will also be delighted to be placed on the ground on a large rug firm to explore the world on the stomach … He also likes to play with a mat of awakening or spend a few minutes in his rocking chair …

In winter, it is also recommended to check the temperature with a thermometer and increase the humidity level if the air is too dry (and only if it is!).Your list of essentials may therefore lengthen gradually, you are warned!