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Fresh air, natural light, and all the good vibes!

This post was created in partnership with Velux

I believe in the healing power of plants, good light and fresh air.  I recently read a Rand study that found a positive association between nature and mental health: exposure to nature and views of trees, plants, and open spaces improves people’s cognitive ability to focus, read social cues, worker productivity, and how people feel about the work they do. Although truth be told, I didn’t need to read a study to know that, I experience it on the daily.

We’re so often behind screens, under artificial lights, and away from fresh air that I’m always seeking ways to bring nature and the feeling of the outdoors, indoors.  I spend more waking hours in our studio than I do at my home (sooo crazy!) and our studio (while beautiful and packed to the brim with planties) was lacking in the natural light and fresh air department, and it was beginning to negatively affect my mood and productivity. My desk area was so dark at certain hours of the day that I sometimes found myself getting sleepy.  I knew that harnessing natural light and getting better air flow was going to be key to solve this problem, and so I was beyond thrilled when Velux  reached out to see if we’d like to install a few skylights in the studio and raise awareness about the importance of bringing the outside in! Just a couple of months prior, I had installed a Velux skylight into my #CasitaJungalow and I knew that it would dramatically change the amount on sunlight and fresh air circulating through the studio.

The idea of getting skylights installed was a bit intimidating at first, but it was actually pretty painless. Want to see how we did it? Check it out!

First, the contractors we worked with reinforced the beams in the ceiling to make sure everything was structurally secure even once they cut huge holes in the roof!

Then they framed out the area where each skylight would go. They did this by creating a box a little bigger than the skylight itself.

Next, they got to cutting! It was a really fun process to watch as they opened up the roof and we could see the sky even while sitting inside!

And then they popped the skylights in. It was pretty crazy how all the planties near and under the skylights perked up just days after the skylights were installed! They are still celebrating all the light they get now.

We also installed a skylight in the area where we shoot a lot of our products and room set ups. Here it is during the installation process:

Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some bright light can do?! We love the dramatic effect of the natural light coming in from the skylight in this area. On Fridays, before we left for the weekend, we used to always move all the plants from this area to the front of the studio near the windows because we have a roll down security gate that blocks much of the light back here, but with the new skylight the planties get as much light as they need even with the security gate rolled down! Now they get to have permanent homes back here instead of being nomadic.

We also installed a skylight in our storage closet where we keep our new and vintage textiles, styling props, and bedding. Before we opened it up, it was sort of a dark and dreary place to walk into. As soon as the roof was opened up, it felt like a whole new space!

Before the skylights went in, anytime we needed something from the storage closet, we had to make sure the lights were on so we could see what we were looking for but now. . .

It’s so nice and bright in there that we hardly ever need to turn on the lights! All of the skylights we installed have retractable shades so we can close the shades that diffuse the light when needed  or let in more light!

We installed Velux No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air skylights that open via remote control to bring fresh air into the studio! The skylights provide so much natural light in the areas of the studio where we work most, helping us feel happier throughout the day. If you’re interested in helping your planties and yourself live a little happier, find a Velux installer in your area.

We couldn’t be happier with the difference the skylights have made over at Jungalow HQ. All of us feel the positive emotional impact of coming into the bright and airy studio and watching all our planties thrive in their newly renovated home!

This post was created in partnership with Velux

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