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How to choose my lampshade?

Cocooning atmosphere, vintage decor or minimalist spirit, the lampshade bends over backward to match all interior styles: material, color, shape, there is only the embarrassment of choice. This small accessory has everything to accentuate the atmosphere of a place, provided it is well chosen!


Our advice

– The ideal size of my lampshade
– The location of the lampshade
– The intensity of my lighting
– The style of my interior



1. The ideal size of my lampshade

First of all, it is important to consider the lamp to which the lampshade is intended: standing, to ask, applied? The rules are not the same for these different types of media. In all cases, the lampshade must be equal to or lower than the foot or the arm of the lamp, otherwise it will create an obvious imbalance. But when there is a lamp stand, it must be visible in its upper part.The lampshade should simply hide the socket and bulb.



2. The location of the lampshade

Then we are interested in the location! Kitchen, living room or bedroom, the materials and shapes of the lampshade are influenced by the environment to offer our space the most suitable solution. For example, a fabric model is avoided in a kitchen, where moisture and grease are often present. Otherwise, it will be necessary to remember to clean the lampshade regularly. In the bedroom or living room, the fabric will do the job, because it will give a more subdued and warmer light.



3. The intensity of my lighting

A lampshade intended for an office must spread a soft light so as not to attack the eye. This eliminates the glass that projects the lighting more directly.For the cozy atmosphere of a room, the opaque patterns are ideal. For the living room and places of passage as the corridor, an in-between seems more appropriate for an effective but diffused brightness.



4. The style of my interior

08774058-photo-inspiration-choice -abat-day-style.jpg
Now we focus on the most interesting: the aesthetic appearance of the lampshade!
– Want a cozy atmosphere? Warm colors, woven materials and round shapes are preferred.
– For a minimalist decor, refined models made from metallic materials and geometric appearance will be perfect allies.
– The Scandinavian spirit is obtained with a combination of wood and sober colors – shades of white or gray.
– And for a retro touch we opt above all for pop shades! Red, yellow, blue, the primary colors are ideal to recall the 50s style.


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