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How to design a kitchen you will not get tired of

Trends come and go … How not to be had and imagine a kitchen you will not get tired? We give you the keys of a kitchen in which you will feel good even in a few years.


Which worktop for my kitchen?

We went to see Alain, Lapeyre specialist, to share with us his expert advice in kitchen design. He explained to us the importance of choosing a work plan adapted to our lifestyle: “Know that one material is not better than another, the important thing is to choose it according to your fashion you want to emphasize its robustness, ease of maintenance or design … ”
Because, finally, is not it the best way to design a kitchen that we will not tire of? Design a kitchen that exactly matches the way we cook.For example, Alain advises novice cooks on a laminate or wooden worktop, while he recommends stainless steel or quartz to the most experienced chefs.



What color for my kitchen?

What color to choose for our kitchen furniture? Today, everything is possible, from black to yellow, through the naturalness of wood or the simplicity of white.
The key to a kitchen that will please us for many years? Design a kitchen that looks like us! Let’s ignore trends, let’s listen. Do you like black more than anything? Choose your kitchen furniture in a beautiful matte black finish that will not stop being elegant.
However, if you can not decide, opt for neutral hues. Matte white furniture or wood color will never go out of style.All you have to do is keep your kitchen alive with more specific details: tea towels with graphic patterns, rough wooden cutting boards, etc.

The importance of details

If in a kitchen, the eye is first caught by the imposing elements: furniture, worktop, appliances, etc., the details are very important !
The final touch that will make our kitchen really like us.
It may be a subtle reminder of color in our furniture and a poster to hang or handles that we can customize our new furniture.



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