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How to remove a sticker without leaving a trace?

Are you tired of the sticker you proudly posted on the kitchen wall a few years ago? It happens ! Déco.fr guides you step by step on the most effective techniques to remove your stickers without damaging the media on which it is affixed.


Our advice

– Heat the sticker with a hairdryer
– Peel off the sticker parallel to the wall
– Rinse the white vinegar wall
– Sticker on varnished wood, how to do?
– A sticker in good health


1. Heating the sticker with a hairdryer

To remove a sticker easily, just warm it up. Under the effect of the heat of a hair dryer, the adhesive vinyl becomes relatively soft and can thus be peeled off more easily. Another technique is to moisten the adhesive surface with soapy water. The action of heat or, conversely, moisture, can detach the sticker in no time!




2. Sticker on varnished wood, how to do?

08768770-photo- deco-sticker-dining-room.jpg
Do not panic ! Although it is more difficult to remove a sticker or a sticker on varnished wood, there are still some recipes of grandmothers that have been proven. We prefer here the gentle way with lacquer. It vaporizes generously on the pasted area and around to allow the sticker to separate from its support immediately. Once the sticker is removed, simply wipe a cloth slightly moistened with water on the curved surface to eliminate the remains of glue.This is it!



3. A sticker in good health

The sticker like any sticker, is a potentially fragile accessory. Some rules to respect so that yours lasts as long as possible:
Before laying, it should be kept flat, away from light and moisture.
A sticker is kept 6 months maximum between the period of purchase and the period of installation.
The sticker must be protected from any impacts during the first 48 hours after installation to minimize the risk of movement.
Cleaning with warm water is preferred over solvents to avoid damaging the vinyl.


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