Christmas Eve, the field of possibilities is still wide. At the same time as decorating your tree, it is necessary to think of the other symbolic place of this holiday: the Christmas table! Whether you are a couple or a family, the decoration of your Christmas table can not be left to chance and must be reflected well in advance.

By organizing yourself right now, you will have plenty of time to equip yourself, choose the right colors, find the best products and even get started with homemade productions that will amaze your guests (yes, if, let’s be crazy!).


Tip # 1: Match your Christmas table to your decorating style

The Christmas table is not a sacred institution whose codes are rigid.Every year we see new trends and new styles emerge for Christmas table decoration. In the end, there is something for everyone and that’s good. If you are allergic to reindeer and goblins, you have plenty to inspire with more modern forms and graphics like snow crystals for example. On the other hand, those who are sensitive to the nostalgic view the Christmas period as a way – not cheesy – of expressing their taste for tradition. Now it’s up to you to choose your side and find your style using the articles below:
A chic Scandinavian Christmas Eve dinner
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A golden gala dinner table



Tip # 2: Seek inspiration

We are not all (unfortunately) aspiring creators.Rather than attempt a risky staging, it is best to go to those who have talent to resell. It is not a question of copying but only of drawing inspiration and then recreating a universe of one’s own. By choosing to take a Christmas table decoration already tried and approved by others, it saves time and avoids missteps. It would be a shame to buy decorations or Christmas dinnerware to realize on the day that the set does not hold water. Inspiration is the creed of the clever people so use the following articles:
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Tip # 3: Stop on a color (or two)

The color of a table is the guiding thread of your decoration.To choose it, you must trust only one principle: no more than two colors! After, it becomes the shambles and we lose the guiding idea of ??your table decoration. In the case of Christmas, some colors are obviously at the party. We think especially of red, white or gold but we do not forget that copper and brass have made a remarkable entrance this year. Admire the Christmas tables in the examples below, you will see that once the chosen color, the rest of the decorative ideas will follow.
What are the colors of Christmas?
DIY: Table decoration: Red and white table decor atmosphere
Table decoration: black ambience & amp; white
DIY: Table decoration: Decorative atmosphere of copper table



Tip # 4: No need to spend too much!

We do not forget that Christmas is above all a celebration and a moment of sharing. If the pleasure of offering is an integral part of this holiday, it is not about to ruin itself (especially since it is still necessary to buy Christmas gifts).So how do you put your eyes on his Christmas table without emptying his pockets? It’s simple, just follow our advice. We found a lot of tips to spend less and especially better. And for the more do-it-yourselfers, do not hesitate to join hands in creating their own accessories: with the fashion of DIY, home made has become a must!