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I decorate windows for Christmas with (or without) children

After giving us lots of advent calendar ideas, Natacha comes back to accompany us in our preparation for Christmas. Today, she tells us how to decorate our windows for the holidays!

If like me you need to totally immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas to live this period with all the euphoria of a child of 5 years, the house is the best place to impregnate it.And that implies that we go a little further than the single tree and its light garlands.

To live with Santa Claus for a few weeks, the winter decoration must be omnipresent, and if there is one thing that is great to do with children, it is to decorate our windows.Already because it’s a bit like writing on the walls: we do not have the right normally, suddenly, it becomes immediately more exciting.

And then it’s a bit of a challenge to do something nice, since it will still be seen by street people in addition to our family.


Garlands and stuff “hanging”

You can easily find something to decorate the window by hanging garlands, balls or even origami for the most gifted of us. Pine cones or silver-domed sticks will also make beautiful decorations for just a handful of euros.

Obviously, big stars of the suspensions of windows, do not forget the light garlands which always make their little effect and add a little magic and warmth in the house.

Just fix our decorations along cords that we fix with small nails (or colorful bugs or masking tape if it’s very light, do not deprive us) just above the window. And it’s even prettier if the suspensions are not the same size.



Stuffed objects

Why look too far, sometimes it’s so simple. Just “just” to have an inner window sill and you’re done.Yes, everyone does not have this little detail at home, but if it’s the case, it’s time to play the Scandinavian and put on this edge your most beautiful (and high) decorations of Christmas to make it a visible painting from the outside as from the inside. Add some pretty candles in the evening and we will be close to perfection in terms of atmosphere.



Stickers repositionable

In even easier, but certainly a little more expensive, you can buy seasonal stickers in any creative store and create Christmas scenes as we please. By taking repositionable, we invest in a few hours of games for children who will invent stories from the living room window.




We attack in the DIY, but simple enough: the cutting of shapes of all kinds that will be fixed on the windows for a game while transparency.The best thing in these cases is to take only white leaves, for a guaranteed winter effect.

In addition to the shapes of fir trees, houses or mountains, we can also have fun doing like when we were small and cut “napkins” by folding the sheet into four (or more). By using and abusing scissors (or following a few tutorials, too, ok), we will quickly arrive at pretty shapes of flakes (a little imagination, it will do!)



The bombs and the stencils

On the paper, it looks cool, but it’s still the trickiest thing to achieve as the handling of the bomb can quickly cause runnings, traces and other failures in good standing . Suddenly, handle with care if you want it to be beautiful in the end. We advise against leaving the smaller ones, however, they can participate in the falling snow, that’s easy, it is well managed small points!




The drawings

The friend of DIY the felt Posca comes back on stage (but we can also use “chalk markers”, let’s not be sectarian.)
The window becomes a real painting on which one will draw with the wish, since the felt goes easily with product with window.

If you really want to create a work of art but you and your children are not as talented as Cezanne, print what you want and stick it to the back of the glass. Christmas scene, big bearded, mountainous landscape, building and city, flying sled, make your choice, the best is to take models in coloring that can be found on the internet…

We decal on the glass, we take off the sheet from outside and we can proudly exclaim “it’s me who made it”. Even if it’s not quite true.

With all this, if you can not handle the children or transform the atmosphere of the house, I do not know what to do.Personally, we try to convince the neighbors to take care of their windows, we clearly do not have enough in our home obviously!



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