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10 House Plants Perfect for Beginner Plant Owners

House plants can be a nice way to spruce up a room and your home in general with life and colors! A big fear that beginner plant owners usually have is that they’ll kill their plants by forgetting to water them, overwatering them, not enough sunlight, etc. Luckily there are …

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10 Items Perfect For Decorating Small Spaces

If you are decorating a small space you may get overwhelmed with how to get your personality into the area without it becoming crowded. We know that in tight spaces, cute decor that does double duty helps make the room your own without sacrificing space. Whether it is a dorm …

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How To Have The Perfect Minimalist Bedroom

Having a minimalist bedroom might seem like a dream that you can’t quite reach. It might seem difficult but having a minimalist bedroom isn’t impossible. Below are a few tips, tricks and ideas of how to achieve an Instagram worthy minimalist bedroom. It may take some effort to get the …

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How To Have The Perfect Bohemian Bedroom

Creating a bohemian room is a lot of fun. There are really no rules when it comes to creating a bohemian space because it’s all entirely up to you. Although creating bohemian decor from scratch can seem daunting. Below are a few ways to help kick start achieving the bohemian …

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15 Hygge Items Perfect For Cozying Up Your Space

For those who have heard of the concept of Hygge but need a refresher to solidify what it means, Hygge is a Danish word translating to “coziness”, and is more of a feeling than a noun. Adopting the Hygge way of life means appreciating the here and now, making life …

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