Welcoming Christmas can’t go too far from DIY projects for its festive decorations, and handmade Christmas village project is one good alternative for you celebrating the big day. It’s amazing how having DIY Christmas villages could certainly breathe the vivid spirit of the holiday to your house. All you require to prepare is uniquely planned concept and clusters of DIY materials you’ll use to make them happen.

We’ve got you covered with these awesome DIY Christmas villages you must know.

1. Advent Paper Christmas Village

Christmas village from advent paper enhances the lively atmosphere to your cozy space. If you have no cutting machine ready, you can always cut the pieces manually. Occupy Christmas village template that is available online or personalize your own DIY Christmas villages.

Creative DIY advent paper to make Christmas village more attractive if you paint white. Then, if you want more complete add a small Christmas tree for ornamentation.


Christmas village from advent paper which added glitter as the soft snow to look beautiful and stand out.


Christmas village from advent paper that given a candle to in it to create good lighting when you place it on the table.
Unique ornament made from advent paper to beautify your fireplace to welcome this year’s Christmas season.
Christmas village from advent paper is suitable for you to apply to decorate your table to make it looks memorable.
Creative Christmas village from advent paper to welcome this year’s Christmas season to be more colorful and different.
Simple Christmas village from advent paper in white and grey glittering colors which looks unique to put on your cabinet or table.


DIY Ornaments made from advent paper that formed by villas where the top added with material to make it looks like the original. Moreover, add a small Christmas tree to complete it.


2. Cluster of Individual Cardboard House

If you want more flexible and sustainable Christmas villages, opt for cardboard houses. You can create your DIY Christmas villages from cardboard, cut them into pieces and assemble them to be put on the table. Deck out your villages with more accessories like tiny stones, sand or faux snow.

DIY Christmas villages from cardboard then to the edges and roof to make it looks original.


Christmas villages from cardboard to welcome this year’s Christmas season. Then, to make your village more memorable, paint it with red and white to balance the color.
DIY Christmas villages from cardboard used as ornament to celebrate the Christmas season and you paint with bright colors to make it looks attractive.
DIY ornaments to welcome the Christmas season as you can make Christmas villages from cardboard and add a small ornament to complete it.
DIY Christmas village from the top and front of the cardboard with white material that resembles snow.
DIY Christmas village from cardboard to welcome the Christmas season to decorate your table. Then, to make the roof more attractive you can color it in blue.
This house looks really fit with Christmas since it uses red, green, and white colors for the design.


Simple DIY Christmas village from cardboard and make a replica of a Christmas tree to be more complete.

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3. Gingerbread Houses from Recycled Board

Having reusable milk cardboards and still confused about DIY Christmas villages? Try to make your DIY houses from the cardboards you have stacked. Adorn the boards with buttons, beads and fine details of gingerbread. You can also color them, too, for making them more real.


DIY gingerbread houses that utilize the milk cardboard and add candy cane to complete them.

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Creative gingerbread houses from milk cardboard that added with layer of cloth to make it more colorful and look perfect when extended for decoration.


To take advantage of the unused milk cardboard you can make gingerbread houses. Then, to beautify it you can add buttons and ribbons.


By using a milk cardboard to make gingerbread house like towers and that perfect for small ornament that you put on the table.


Gingerbread house that use milk cardboard that made for the creative ornament for your home decoration.
Gingerbread houses made of milk cardboard and shaped like twin churches.