What’s better to decorate a children’s room and sleep than a lovely moon hanging? This easy-to-make piñata will help you create a soft and warm ambiance that you can reinforce by opting for neutral shades and silver details in the rest of the room.


The equipment

– Recycled cardboard or bought in DIY store (thickness about 1,5 mm)
– A ruler and a compass
– White, gray and silver crepe paper (you can also use drops of gift paper or tissue paper if you have one)
– A pair of scissors
– Paper glue and a brush-brush to apply
– Crepe adhesive tape
– Gray or unbleached cord
Budget: less than 15 euros
Duration: 3 hours




1.Cut out the cardboard elements: the two faces of the moon by helping you compass to get beautiful curves, and the side band of 9 cm wide. This strip can be made in one piece or assembled from several pieces taped or stapled. Cut out a small square of cardboard to secure your binding string.
2. Assemble the elements using the crepe tape (kraft adhesive tape may also be appropriate) taking care to pierce the top of a small hole to pass the string attached to a small piece of cardboard that will keep it well in place. Once the moon is assembled, secure the corners with tape.
3. Cut the crepe paper into 3.5 cm strips and crimp them with the scissors 2.5 to 3 cm. Wrap them as you go on a piece of cardboard to prevent them getting tangled.
4. Glue the crepe paper tape by tape on your cardboard moon with the brush soaked in glue. For more natural, the strips should be glued fringes down, so start with the “bottom” of the moon. Alternate the white, silver and gray by varying the connection points so as not to form too regular stripes.



In the end

And now, your piñata is ready to be suspended! For a Pierrot themed decoration or to spin the metaphor, you can decorate the room with some fluorescent stars that light up at night or opt for a cloudy wallpaper that will be a perfect background!
Bonus idea: If you make this piñata for a moon-themed birthday or birthday party, consider filling it with confetti and candy before closing it.Use cardboard and be a little less rigorous. On the solidity of the cardboard moon, children will be happy to beat it with sticks!
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