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What plants to offer at Christmas and during the holidays?

You still need gifts to put at the foot of the tree? What if it was enough to pick them up at the florist or your favorite garden center? Our selection of 10 plants to offer at Christmas.


An amaryllis

Perched on its long floral stem, the flower of amaryllis lets its sublime colored petals explode like a real fireworks display. Throughout the bloom, she admires herself as a queen sure of her beauty.

For Christmas, choose the potted amaryllis, if possible still in bud or barely open so that flowering lasts longer. Red varieties are always preferred during the holidays, but you can also indulge in a white or pink variety. The more skilful can also buy the bulbs at low prices several weeks in advance and put them in value in pretty pots by covering the earth with foam to reduce the budget.




An Orchid

Available at all florists until the evening of December 24, Orchid is the ideal plant to fill your hood at the last moment. Pink, white or yellow, it combines exoticism and elegance. Better to choose it with both many open flowers and several buttons, to make sure it lasts a long time, and if possible with a nice flowerpot!
How to choose an orchid?



A Christmas cactus

Exotic and graphic, cacti are in fashion. But at Christmas, surprise with a Christmas cactus ( Schlumbergera truncata ) with bright flowers! This Brazilian cactus comes in a variety with red, pink, orange or white flowers.Easy to grow, it should cause a sensation at the foot of the tree!



A rose of Jericho

More difficult to find at the florists, the roses of Jericho are easily found on the internet for a few euros. These strange, dried-up vegetable balls unfold in a few hours, almost by sight, until they become a kind of dark green fern. A strange plant experience that will surprise the whole family.
Do you know the rose of Jericho?



A closed terrarium

Fascinating, closed terrariums are small, self-contained ecosystems that do not maintain themselves until they are exposed to sufficient light.To offer even to those who do not have the green thumb!
08779584-photo-terrarium-to-offer-christmas-gift plant.jpg



A trendy green plant

Give a green plant at Christmas? Yes, but provided it is amazing and rare, and especially high potential deco! So we love a Pilea, a Rowley’s Sélançon, a chain of hearts, an Alocasia, a purple oxalis or a beautiful hanging tillandsia!
08779596-photo-offer-a-pest-plant-to-the- mode.jpg



A “Christmas star” poinsettia

With these beautiful scarlet bracts, the poinsettia really deserves its nickname “Christmas star”. Very popular during the holidays, this plant from Central America fits perfectly in the decoration of the end of the year.In North America and Mexico, offering a poinsettia is even a traditional custom.
08779602-photo-poinsettia-2-of-noel-gift-plant- red.jpg



A Christmas kalanchoe

Also popular among florists during the holidays, the Kalanchoe seduces with its pretty bright red flowers. Originally from Madagascar, this succulent plant is resistant to the warmth of our interiors and remains in bloom for many weeks.



A Christmas rose



In the garden, hellebores bloom throughout the winter without worrying about the cold. Nicknamed “Christmas roses”, they are a must on the balcony and hot on the terrace, however they can not stand to stay warm!


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