Every year the new Christmas ball collection is so tempting that you can not resist it. But now, with a stock that ends up overflowing cartons, you end up feeling guilty about your favorite purchases. Fortunately for you, Christmas balls have their place elsewhere than on the tree which allows to use all its decorations. From windows to centerpieces, here are the best ideas for hanging Christmas balls all over the house.


Hang Christmas balls on the windows

This is part of our favorite decorations to use the Christmas balls otherwise. You must choose identical balls or a series that is in the same theme to create a beautiful composition in front of your window. Add to that a ribbon in the same tones: then just hang your balls at different lengths on your curtain rod. The final effect will then look like a light curtain of Christmas balls, as surprising from the inside as from the outside.To hide the hooks, you can also wrap fir branches at the rods. At the camouflage level, there is no better!



Suspend Christmas balls in the garden

Finally, it would not be a real injustice for the Christmas tree to be the only tree decorated for Christmas. To remedy this, we decorate his garden and the light garlands are not the only option. To decorate your garden with Christmas balls, the secret is to choose your location. We prefer low trees or shrubs that can be adorned from top to bottom. For example, you can use two identical shrubs to frame your front door. Another idea: create a composition with fir branches and Christmas balls in pots hanging at the entrance of the house.



Suspend Christmas balls on decorative branches

The same goes for the interior of the house: the fir must not be the only spoiled vegetable. We have often noticed this Christmas decoration trend of using leafless branches to obtain a very contemporary effect. This way of working works very well for example above the New Year’s table or more modestly in a transparent vase. In the first option, you can suspend a branch above the table and hang ribbons Christmas balls at different heights. The second idea is to elegantly arrange bare branches in a transparent vase and add some precious Christmas balls for a chic effect.



Suspend Christmas balls on decorative objects

Want to make an original decor? In this case, try to suspend the Christmas balls on objects that have a priori no report.For example, we love this idea of ??using umbrellas to create a really different Christmas decoration (as in the picture below). In the same way, you can hang your Christmas baubles on anything that can be put up high or that is already there naturally like a banister or door handles. However, keep in mind that a general atmosphere must be able to emerge from your decoration: if the whole is not consistent, you risk ruining the effect. Thus we can install the Christmas balls in the planters but in this case, we do not hang them curtain rods. One or the other, but not both.



Hang Christmas balls on a wreath

The Christmas wreath is more and more present in our interiors. It allows both to decorate our doors and windows beautifully but also to make it clear that the spirit of Christmas is inviting in our home. By creating Christmas wreaths with balls, you will get pretty shapes and a greater depth.Some even imagine Christmas wreaths made entirely of balls of the same color which brings a real originality compared to more traditional models. We must then alternate Christmas balls of different sizes to create an interesting volume.



And if we did not suspend the Christmas balls?

Suspend, suspend, always suspend … and if for once we stay on our feet? Christmas balls do not have to be hung somewhere to produce their magic effect. There are many ways to use them. They can be useful for your centerpiece, mixing them with plants or garlands of light. They can also surprise by filling pretty jars to arrange on the furniture.Finally we can just put them on beautiful cups (as in the photo) to decorate the coffee table. Finally, just look around and opportunities to use your Christmas balls otherwise will multiply.