The choice of the bedside lamp is essential to bring the final touch to a cozy and warm room. Lighting, lamp type, choice of bulb or design, gives you all the tips to make the right choice.


Our brilliant tips

– Each style has its bedside lamp
– A suitable brightness
– The choice of the bulb for the bedside lamp
– The right location for the bedside lamp
– The decorative alternative to the bedside lamp



With each style its bedside lamp

At the same time functional and deco, your bedside lamp will make it possible to affirm the atmosphere of your room. The trick is not to get too far from the style of the room. For example, we stay in the same color code as the room, unless the room is monochrome and you want to bet on a bedside lamp design and colorful to bring a touch of originality. Anyway, you will easily find a bedside lamp adapted to the style of the room: there are very romantic models (with curves and froufrous), others very refined for a more industrial style, or even retro versions or more classic.



A suitable brightness

The bedside lamp will allow you to create a special atmosphere depending on its type of lighting. If the trend is to bare bulbs, lampshades are nevertheless recommended to reduce the intensity of light and promote sleep. The ideal is to opt for a bedside lamp with dimmer, to adjust the brightness to your activity: more intense to read or knit, weaker to chat before falling asleep!



The choice of the bulb for the bedside lamp

Choosing the right bulb is also essential to adjust the intensity of the light and create a more or less warm atmosphere. For a soft lighting in the room, opt for a 15W bulb, ideal for a reading corner next to the bed.Also bet on LEDs (the advantage being that they will not overheat) for a cozy and zen atmosphere in the room. We love it!



The right place for the bedside lamp

Once your bedside lamp has been carefully chosen, all you have to do is find the perfect spot in the room. To have enough brightness for your evening reading while keeping a dim lighting, the trick is to position your bedside lamp on a piece of furniture about 10cm from the bed and about 40-60cm above the mattress. Not complicated and rather brilliant, no?



The decorative alternative to the bedside lamp

If you want to be more original, there are many decorative alternatives to get soft lighting like a bedside lamp.We think for example of contemporary suspensions on each side of the bed, the sconces or even Scandinavian lampposts. The advantage of these alternatives is that your bedside table will be totally airy and your decor will have a design touch.